Winning Strategies for Next-Gen Care

Consumers today expect customer service to play more than a transactional role in meeting their needs. They desire service that fits their connected lives and is enhanced by contextual, personalized interactions. They seek continuous, ongoing conversations that work seamlessly so that every agent knows their history, understands what they have been promised, and values them as a customer. tellme
A new white paper from Tellme, Winning Strategies for Next-Gen Care,  discusses the three C’s –  Connected, Contextual, and Continuous experiences,  which provide a framework that companies can use to deliver better customer service.

Customers are Connected- Connectivity allows consumers to engage in customer service on their terms. They have more freedom than ever to choose how, where, and when they connect.

Customer experiences need Context– To serve customers contextually, businesses must leverage their CRM systems and public information stores strategically while being mindful of privacy issues.

Conversations must be Continuous – It is  critical for businesses to consider every touch point and the overall context of the customer relationship to further the conversation at every reengagement point.  Regardless of channel, time, and circumstance, the conversation should continue with a “pick-up-where-we-left-off” mindset.

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