Business Intelligence (BI) in the Contact Center

There is a proven, time-tested architecture that can not only serve as the foundation for all current contact center reporting and analysis, but can also expand and extend it over time to include new systems and applications we may not even have thought of yet.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a software architecture designed specifically for reporting and analysis of information from operational data systems of any kind — point-of-sale, manufacturing, banking and finance, sales and marketing, or any other computerized system with an underlying database logging transactional data. BI is actually composed of several technologies that began converging in the late 1980s to solve a pressing problem: transactional data in its raw form is very difficult to analyze.

Since its emergence in the late 1980s, Business Intelligence has become a standard technology in most industry sectors and many functional areas of the enterprise   Six factors are driving its increasing adoption in the modern contact center:

1. Service is now strategic
2. Channel proliferation
3. Multiple sites
4. Mixed-vendor environments
5. The M&A Mash-Up
6. Inbound & outbound

In a new Symmetrics white paper, Beyond the Tyranny of the Spreadmart: Business Intelligence in the Contact Center discusses the benefits of migrating to a BI Solution.

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