Hosted Contact Center

Prospects have many choices for hosted contact center infrastructure, and the increased competition has placed additional pressure on premise-based providers to be more responsive and cost effective. End users of all sizes, particularly in those in the 20 to 1,500 seat range, should explore all of their options for making acquisitions.

DMG Consulting encourages end users to include hosted vendors in their selection process. This will increase choices while decreasing cost, as it will encourage vendors to compete aggressively for business.

Total contact center worldwide revenue spending is projected to be $8,643 million. This number is up by 8.6% over the 2008 contact center revenue number of $7,956 million. During 2010, $4,083 million will be spent on products and installation, $3,275 million spent on maintenance, and $1,285 spent on professional services.

Core routing and queuing (automatic call distributor, or ACD) remains the largest revenue category, accounting for 27.8% of all 2010 worldwide contact center revenue. IVR is the second largest revenue category, responsible for 25.7% of the market’s revenue in 2010. The dialer is the third largest category; it is expected to earn 5.9% of all contact center revenue in 2010.

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