Speech, Performance, Desktop and Text Analytics The Case for Unified Analytics in the Contact Center

With the advent of analytics in the contact center over the past decade, the industry has experienced unprecedented gains in operational productivity and customer service. Typically deployed as part of a workforce optimization (WFO) solution, analytics is a primary driver of performance and quality monitoring improvements. Analytics provides an objective means by which to identify where opportunities for improvement exist while providing a pathway for executing on those opportunities.

Analytics is not, however, without issues of its own.

As different forms of analytics have been developed and introduced to the market, it is becoming clear that the information provided by the various analytics solutions is providing complete pictures of limited functions or operations. Silos of information have appeared in the contact center and throughout the enterprise. Information and operational managers are able to retrieve detail for their particular functional area, but are not able to cross-tabulate it with information from other areas. Each silo of analytics offers only a partial piece of the overall performance analysis puzzle.

At one time, the argument could have been made that discrete analytics solutions were not easily integrated and the data not easily consolidated or shared. Today, technological barriers to solution integrations are fewer. Additionally, the advent of application deployment in the cloud and SaaS based WFO solutions further support the ability to unify the silos of analytics applications.

A new Saddletree Research white paper, Speech, Performance, Desktop and Text Analytics The Case for Unified Analytics in the Contact Center, compliments of Enkata,  will define the currently available analytics applications, clarify the specific problems addressed by each, and provide insights into the value of unifying these applications.

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