First Contact Resolution in the Contact Center

Studies have shown that high levels of First Contact Resolution (FCR) in the contact center correlate closely with customer satisfaction and loyalty. Yet, mastering it remains a significant industry challenge. That’s where a shift to "measuring what matters" can help—and why in today’s business environment, FCR is the right solution at the right time. With its ability to improve both sides of the customer service equation—decreasing costs while increasing satisfaction—FCR has been deemed a worthy endeavor and is attracting increased attention among today’s customer care executives.


FCR is an impactful key performance indicator.  Below are a number of key steps and essential criteria for successful FCR implementation and measurements:Ken Landoline


1.        Consolidate information systems across access channels.

2.        Implement an employee education program.

3.        Perform ongoing coaching and training sessions.

4.        Create and implement an FCR team.

5.        Develop a unique FCR scoring system.

6.        Install a FCR incentive program. Oscar Alban

For more information on this topic, you can listen to the webcast First Contact Resolution—The Right Solution at the Right Time  presented by Ken Landoline, Principal Analyst, Current Analysis and Oscar Alban, Principal Global Market Consultant, Verint Systems

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