An Update on Call Recording and PCI Compliance for the Call Center

The horror stories of security breaches where millions of consumers have had their personal information exposed are all too familiar, TJX is probably the most infamous. Since its initial release in 2008, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has become a sort of ‘gold-standard’ for the protection of consumer information. In fact, some states have even written parts of the standard, or compliance with it, into law. A trend that is likely to continue.
A recent update to the PCI DSS clarifies some important areas surrounding compliance requirements for call and screen recordings in the contact center. I’ve read more than a few white papers on this subject. A recent one from Call Copy is more comprehensive than most. The author does a good job of providing key background and overview information.
The paper then goes on to examine detailed implications of the new PCI DSS version 2 release. It outlines each contact-center relevant requirement area and describes the key features you should look for in a recording solution to help ensure compliance.
Whether you’re looking for a refresher on PCI compliance for your contact center, or just want a good, thorough reference on the subject, I recommend you get this paper, Call Recording and PCI Compliance. It’s available for free to all CRMXchange members.

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