Call Center Quality Monitoring and Worforce Optimization Report

after nearly three decades, the contact center quality management (QM)/liability recording (also known as workforce optimization (WFO)) market continues to evolve and progress at a surprisingly rapid pace.

While many consider QM and recording solutions to be commodities, the 2010 – 2011 Quality Management/Liability Recording (Workforce Optimization) Product and Market Report reveals quite the opposite. The core concepts of QM, recording and WFO have certainly become standardized, a clear benefit in a mature market.

However, the ways in which vendors are delivering functionality – such as software-based recording, PCI and automated QA workflows – vary greatly. For users of this technology, it should be of great interest that this is very much a buyer’s market, and the solution choices are unprecedented in their depth and breadth.

The recession enabled WFO vendors to invest time and resources into research and development. Vendor innovations in workflow automation, integration between WFO modules, analytics and SaaS, are sparking fierce competition, and aggressive pricing is becoming pervasive.

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