Call Center Agent’s To – Do List

The agent’s to‐do list provides opportunities for call centers to operate more efficiently. It is designed to make agent available time more productive. Agents can learn a new skill set, read up on new policies or complete mandatory HR assessments.

According to a new  Knowlagent white paper “Create the To‐Do List”,  the most challenging part of creating the to‐do list is gathering all of the tasks that need to be done for all agents and figuring out which tasks need to be completed first. Most supervisors already know what needs to be done, but they just haven’t had the resources or the time to get it completed. They know their main priority is to meet service levels and then find time for daily communications and projects, complete quality and performance management, schedule time for ongoing coaching and knowledge base reviews and forecast future training requirements. Normally, to ensure resources are available, additional headcount will be utilized in order for these activities to take place.

Suspend the need to schedule extra agents or time for completing activities. That part can be configured with real‐time integrations with your ACD.

Your call center agents’ to‐do lists can be created in three steps.
1.Define the activities – what types of activities need to be completed?
2.Prioritize the order – in what order should agents work on these assignments?
3.Allocate time per activity – how much time per day, week and month should agents spend on each assignment?

If you let supervisors and managers focus on these three steps and provide technology that responds to real‐time call volume to utilize collective idle time, not only will you see gains in agent utilization, you’ll also note meaningful improvements in shrinkage.

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