Market Demand for Analytics

The first decade has seen steady growth in market demand for analytics solutions
of all descriptions as evidenced by the results of the annual survey of contact center end-users conducted by Saddletree Research in conjunction with the National Association of Call Centers (NACC). An offshoot of the Call Center Lab at The University of Southern Mississippi, the not-for-profit NACC conducts surveys of its members and newsletter subscribers in order to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry relative to such factors as economic optimism, hiring intentions, attitudes toward developing trends, and intentions toward technology acquisition.

The survey conducted during the summer of 2010 asked respondents about their attitudes and intentions toward the following technology solutions:

• Unified Communications
• Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
• Workforce Management Software
• Performance Analytics
• Speech Analytics
• Desktop Analytics
• Quality Monitoring/Management
• Call Logging
• E-Learning
• Agent Desktop Software

The top  technology solutions that were specified as being evaluated for purchase by respondents in 2011 were:

Desktop Analytics 33%
Performance Analytics 31%
e-Learning 30%
Speech analytics 27%
Clearly, analytics is at the forefront of technology solutions recognized as being necessary for continued productivity gains in the contact center.

Since Saddletree Research began surveying end-users in 2008, demand for analytics solutions has grown steadily each year. Speech analytics has made significant gains in demand since 2008 while 2010 marks the second year in a row that performance analytics has been in the top three technology solutions most in demand.  This survey, as well as other analytics information is dicussed in a white paper Speech, Performance, Desktop and Text Analytics The Case for Unified Analytics in the Contact Center

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