Riding the Seasonality Curve – Best Practices in Forecasting and Optimizing Strategic Plans and Staffing Decisions

The goal of the strategic/operational plan is to make sure the exact right amount of call center agents show up to work every Monday morning. There are methods of optimizing  the levers available to management- hiring, controllable shrinkage, overtime and undertime- so the long term goal is met every week.

Other items to consider:

• Seasonality of workforce forecasts, call center scheduling,  and the appropriate level of detail for each forecast
• Methods for developing week over week requirements accurately
• Using  mathematical techniques to optimally hire, develop controllable shrinkage plans and to find the optimal balance between hiring and overtime/undertime
• The benefits, both financially and qualitatively, of doing all of this quickly, accurately, and optimally

On March 1, Bay Bridge Decision Technology will host a webcast,  Riding the Seasonality Curve – Best Practices in Forecasting and Optimizing Strategic Plans and Staffing Decisions, to discuss these issues.


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