Desktop Process Analytics Software

Desktop and Process Analytics  software can help organizations uncover and analyze their business processes. These solutions capture and measure desktop application activities to provide objective, unbiased visibility into how work is performed from the point of origination, across multiple steps, applications, and systems, and on through completion. For example, DPA solutions can show:

•What staff members are doing at any given time on any given day.
•Whether they’re performing the activities they are scheduled to do—both on and off the phones.
•How they’re performing their tasks and activities—including the steps they are taking to complete a process.
•What the actual process flows are for work performed in the contact center and across departments.
•Where process bottlenecks exist.

Steve WillimansRather than focusing on the outcome of processes, DPA solutions examine the processes themselves. Managers can view and analyze process steps in real time, gain insight into the consistency of process performance, and understand how employees interact with applications and systems. DPA solutions can also map processes graphically, provide the ability to replicate data elements from one application to others, and offer real-time guidance to employees at specific steps within processes.

In a new white paper, Steve Williams is Vice President, Consulting, Desktop and Process Analytics for Verint Witness Actionable Solutions discusses ways to correct  inefficient and broken processes  throughout the entire customer service chain

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