CRM System Benchmark Study Reveals Urgent Need for Change

In Q3/Q4 2010, DMG Consulting conducted a benchmark study of 149 enterprise, operations, contact center and IT managers, directors, leaders and decision-makers around the world.  They found that a growing number of contact centers of all sizes are looking for a low-risk approach to enhance and optimize their contact center servicing/CRM applications. Many of these companies have been sitting on the sidelines for years, waiting for a more attractive solution to enter the market to help them improve or replace their existing servicing/CRM application. Managers want flexible servicing applications that can grow and change with their business, but are fearful of signing up for long-term, complex and expensive system conversions.

Survey respondents were asked to rank their top 2011 call/contact center challenges. Like it or not, enterprise, contact center and IT managers around the world, in contact centers of all sizes, agree that the top contact center challenge for 2011 is improving agent productivity.

To gain an appreciation of the challenges companies are facing with their servicing and CRM applications, survey participants were asked to identify the top technical challenges they face when using their current contact center servicing/CRM application. Enterprises  are struggling with a variety of workflow and efficiency-related issues. The most important technical issue is that agents need to access too many screens to find information; 38.7% of respondents rated this issue as extremely important. The second-most-important technical issue is the lack of a 360-degree view of customers; this was ranked as extremely important by 29% of respondents. These responses tie back to the top two contact center concerns for 2011 – the need to improve agent productivity and the customer experience. 

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