Revolutionizing QA with Speech Analytics

Precision monitoring is a process that is enabled by the introduction of speech analytics into contact centers.  According to a new DMG report, managers set up special QA searches in their speech analytics application – it is a best practice to set up multiple searches to address various aspects of QA. Here are some recommended searches:

1.Greetings – define all of the appropriate ways agents should perform a greeting, and capture interactions where this does not happen.
2.Closings – same approach as for the greeting.
3.Verification – define the words and phrases that indicate that caller identification and verification is being done correctly.
4.Customer satisfaction – specify words and phrases that are indications of customer satisfaction. Be broad, as there are many ways that customers express their satisfaction.
5.Customer dissatisfaction – even when a customer satisfaction search is being set up, it’s a good idea to also capture situations where customers are dissatisfied.
6.Agent engagement – it’s relatively tough to identify and measure agent engagement, but this is a great category to capture, as it can be a customer experience differentiator. Each organization has certain words and phrases that show agent interest, but the words vary based on the topic.
7.Risk  – create a series of searches that identify essential phrases that must be spoken as part of each conversation. These searches can be complicated, as they vary according to the nature of the call. The complexity is often compounded because in most cases, it is not enough to say just one phrase or sentence

These are just a few examples of the types of speech analytics searches that managers should set up. While the searches defined above apply to most customer service situations, many others will need to be set up to capture the essential element calls. DMG recommends that businesses work with their speech analytics provider to identify and define appropriate searches to get started with precision monitoring.  For more on this topic, you can download ‘Revolutionizing QA with Speech Analytics’, a KnoahSoft reprint from DMG consulting.

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