The Value of Real-Time Speech Analytics

Your customers demand immediate and personalized service.  They require your agents to be customer-focused, efficient, and knowledgeable expert.  And above all, they need your agents to listen to what their current needs and wishes are, and provide the best relevant solution.

With Real-Time Speech Analytics driving agent guidance and process automation in the contact center at the moment of truth, agents are empowered to deliver relevant results and maximize revenues. 

The Variance Factor, where some employees deliver great customer experiences while other fall short, hinders you from maximizing results because it leaves customer disappointed, and often leaving money on the table.

Real-Time Speech Analytics leads to empowering every contact center agent to create a superb and relevant customer experience by identifying events and topics from what the customer and agent said, combining it with pre-interaction data, to trigger real-time guidance and alerts.

You can maximize each customer interaction at their exact moment of truth.  While employees often listen to the stated customer request alone, Real-time speech analytics conducts Complete Listening and responds to the complete set of customer needs.

During a CRMXchange webcast, Lior Arussy, President, Strativity Group and Amit Ashman, Director of Solution Marketing, NICE System Enterprise Group discuss how delivering relevant resolutions in real time will generate significant business value, as measured in exceptional customer experience and increased customer spending.

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