Six Steps to Designing a More Efficient Contact Center Site

Interior Concepts recommends six critical steps to designing a more efficient call center site. A summary of the steps are below – a full white paper, outlining each step can be found on CRMXchange.

Step 1: Efficiently fill your space by maximizing all available square footage.
Step 2: Be aware of how the power and data will run through the furniture.
Select a furniture system with a large, easy to use wire management system. An easy to use wire
Step 3: Work with a company that has experience designing and remodeling contact center sites.
Step 4: Incorporate ergonomic accessories into the workstation design.
Step 5: Utilize space planning services offered at no charge or obligation.
Step 6: Purchase furniture that offers a Lifetime Warranty.

Interior ConceptsInterior Concepts uses the latest technology to manufacture their Call Center Furniture.  You may want to take a look at their 3D Virtual Product Tour which shows how your space will look before purchasing furniture.

One comment

  1. Working for Verint, when I think ‘contact center’ of course I think technology. But your guidelines on efficient and ergonomic space design addresses a topic of critical importance the center. Something that touches every employee of the center. Their stations and work environment plays a major role in their daily work life. If agents are not comfortable at work, what do think will suffer? Customer service of course. Keep agents comfortable, keep the environment inviting and you’ll be starting each day ahead of the game.


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