Industry Trends 2011

According to Mariann McDonagh, Chief Marketing Officer, inContact, there are  specific trends in our industry that we should lookout for.

The new buzz in the industry is going to be service-level differentiation – that is, the practice of delivering a higher level of service to high-value customers. That in turn will require identifying which customers need to be treated differently, determining which parts of the customer service process need to be personalized for that purpose, and freeing agents to handle high-value customers (as well as more complex interactions that require more hands-on support) through the prudent use of self-service.

Cultivating high-value customers in this way is important because they are the most likely to drive growth, both through their own purchases and through referrals of friends and associates. This is a largely untapped strategy that will become increasingly important as companies continue to struggle to build revenue and market share. The airlines and credit card companies learned this long ago with their frequent flyer programs and gold-level cards: nurture your best customers to keep them coming back for more. The contact center industry is now catching up, and it’s going to be a game changer.

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