Call Center Comprehensive Testing

Empirix is putting a good deal of emphasis in quality assurance for Unified Communications within the enterprise.   According to Bob Hockman, Director of Product Marketing, Enterprise Solutions, Empirix, every time you ask the network to carry a new service, it can affect bandwidth and the delivery of real-time communications, be it voice or video. People will complain if voice quality becomes choppy or garbled.  Additionally, most UC solutions feature products from multiple vendors which must smoothly interoperate.  This requires careful testing before implementation.  Of course, security is important and an organization’s vulnerability to attack must constantly be assessed.

Empirix strongly recommends a get it right, keep it right policy.  Comprehensive testing, in a methodical way, enables organizations to confidently launch UC services.  Then it is important to keep it right with continuous monitoring to ensure that no issues arise.  This will also enable organizations to better understand customer behavior and changing needs.   It is important to remember that each time an upgrade or other change is made to the system; it must again be tested to ensure a positive customer experience.

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