Creating a Customer-Centric, Multichannel Contact Center

The days of ‘telephone-only’ customer service are long gone. Our customers now expect to contact us through email, chat and the web, including social media. Managing service across all these disparate communication channels can be a challenge. Businesses that do this well have a distinct and potent competitive advantage. Their customers are more satisfied, less apt to take their money elsewhere and inclined to increase the business they conduct.

One key to improving customer satisfaction, whether through a single contact channel or across many, is seeing the interactions that take place from the eyes of the customer. Customer-centricity is the generally used term for this approach.  A lot of companies talk about being customer centric, but too many of those fall short in creating a culture where everyone views their actions and processes from the customer’s perspective.
I came across a white paper from Cooney Solutions Group that presents tactics and strategies the best contact centers use to foster a true customer-centric environment in their operations. It’s based on experiences gained from years of working with world-class customer service organizations, and those that are working to achieve that level.
The paper explains in detail the attributes that true customer-centric organizations exhibit. These include:
  • Going beyond traditional metrics to focus on those that drive customer loyalty
  • Embracing a customer-centric view of contact center economics
  • Building the quality program around the voice of the customer
  • Offering the right non-telephone channels to customers based on data, not assumptions
  • Focusing sharply on first-contact resolution and giving agents the tools and training the need to achieve it
  • Understanding the real “why” behind the reason for the call and finding ways to turn it into a value opportunity
  • Striving to sustain high levels of agent engagement and retention
  • Being experts at communicating the value of the contact center and its impact on the larger organization
Discover how to embrace these attributes within your organization  by reading The Customer-Centric Contact Center: Creating Lasting Loyalty in a Multichannel Service World. The paper is offered free of charge by Genesys.

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