Traits of IT-Friendly Contact Center and Web Customer Service Software

With customer service becoming a critical business differentiator, contact centers and e-business organizations need to deliver innovative and memorable customer experiences, while controlling costs at the same time. On the other hand, IT organizations are known to be risk-averse and often get backlogged with projects.

To bridge the gap, a new breed of contact center and web customer service software has emerged to deliver the right mix of agility, usability, reliability and security to satisfy the needs of both business and IT stakeholders. In a new article,  eGain suggests when choosing a solution, look for the following IT-friendly traits that can minimize risk, speed up time to benefit and maximize ROI:

• Unsiloed

• Architected Right

• Deployed “my way"

• Reliable, Available and Scalable (RAS)

• Usable

• Secure and compliant

With this careful balance, organizations can avoid putting their most important assets—their customers and their reputation—at risk.

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