3D Virtual Product Tours Now Available

Interior Concepts uses the latest technology to manufacture their call center furniture and is now able to offer 3D Virtual Product Tours of their workstations. This past year Interior Concepts was recognized as the Progressive Manufacturer of the Year for a Small Company.  The award, organized by Managing Automation Media, a Thomas Publishing Company, LLC publication, recognizes outstanding innovation

How it Works
Interior Concepts works with call centers to maximize their space and build furniture specific to the customers needs. Via a web conference, Interior Concepts can modify workstations on the fly with their customers to customize furniture solutions.

What it Means for Call Centers
Using this new technology Interior Concepts can show a growing or expanding call center how their furniture will look in the space before the furniture is purchased. The layout can also be converted into a movie for placement on the company website to showcase the site to potential employees or investors.

Maximize Space
With Interior Concepts’ ability to customize furniture products in a timely and economical fashion, their product can be designed to maximize all square footage in the call center space. When asked about their technology, Russ Nagel, Executive Vice President for Interior Concepts said, “Our customers know that they do not have to settle on standard, when they have the ability to get exactly what they need to enhance their business.”

Warranty and Sustainability
On top of being able to customize furniture solutions, Interior Concepts furniture is backed by a lifetime warranty and is MAS Certified Green.

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