5 Questions You Need to Answer To Improve Operational Efficiency

Most call center and operations managers realize there is always room for improved productivity and performance. By answering these 5 simple questions, you will gain the insight to know where to focus in order to realize the greatest opportunities for improvement.

Do I know?

1. What my people are doing at any given time on any given day?
2. Are they are doing the activities they are scheduled to do when both on and off the phones?
3. How are they performing their tasks and activities; meaning what steps are they  taking to complete a process?
4. What are the actual processes flows for work performed in my group and across departments?
5. Where are the process bottlenecks?

A Verint webcast on December 7th will  review of  the latest in desktop and process analytics (DPA) which provides quantitative, unbiased visibility into how work is performed at the desktop.

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