Contact Center Security: Moving to the True Cloud

Over the past decade, organizations have been increasingly moving away from environments where data is centrally accessed and stored and into distributed, more efficient virtualized environments. Moving to the Cloud, or a true Cloud platform, provides significantly more business benefits than a traditional infrastructure, however confidence in Cloud security is a justifiable and top of mind concern. Cloud platform providers must excel at delivering availability, proven security, scalability, complete visibility and control, as well as exhibit a commitment to continuous innovation in order to meet the business continuity and comprehensive security today’s organizations require.

Only a True Cloud solution can provide:

 • Complete security and risk audit controls that far exceed the most  stringent industry standards
• >99.99% uptime
• Proven scalability, successfully processing millions of transactions everyday, seamlessly with no downtime or maintenance windows
• Continuous innovation, future proofing your environment with innovative new capabilities and upgrades
• Complete visibility and control in real-time, directly from a web browser

Moving Your Contact Center to a True Cloud, discusses solutions that offer and excel in these five criteria can be classified as “True Cloud” solutions, ones that support the stringent requirements of your mission-critical contact center and deliver on the promises of a Cloud platform. Adequately securing the “contact center in the Cloud” is a reality today.

And it’s one reason why more companies than ever are realizing how an on-demand, true Cloud contact center can reduce costs, increase business agility, and accelerate business innovation.

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