The Super Contact Center Agent

According to a new white paper by NICE Systems, A Super Agent at Every Station, cross-channel interaction analytics can be invaluable in improving call performance. Advanced analytics can uncover trends and patterns across channels that are impossible to detect any other way, which can lead to an array of call-handling insights, such as these real-world examples:

..62% of callers who complained about price elected to cancel.

..The number of callers confused by their bills rose 32% this week.

..The average handle time for renewal calls increased by 58 seconds for customers who received Offer B due to insufficient information in the knowledge system.

..Agent Team X is having difficulty handling customer objections, and isn’t meeting sales goals.

..Based on recent email and phone contacts, customer John Smith is likely to cancel his account in the next month.

These insights can trigger changes in scripting, targeted agent coaching or call-handling processes. But business value from these insights can only be realized if changes can be affected in real time, customer by customer, during every interaction.

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