If only every agent could be a superhero

Quite often, when customers contact a business a moment of truth occurs during that interaction, the crucial instant where the customer’s satisfaction depends on agent’s actions. We prepare our agents as best as possible to successfully navigate these critical points through training and coaching. By necessity, these efforts take place before the interaction occurs, and that presents some problems.

The flow of an interaction is dynamic. It’s subject to change depending on what happens, how the participants behave and even on external events. Being prepared for a wide range of possible events is the best approach. But what if the agent could get advice while the interaction actually takes place?
That’s the topic of a white paper from NICE Systems; how to make every agent a super-agent. The paper presents two technologies, real-time guidance and interaction analytics. Used together, these technologies give agents advice on what to do, based on what is happening. By helping to ensure that every customer interaction reaches its best-possible outcome, overall customer satisfaction is maximized.
Some interesting use-cases in the paper illustrate how this all works. In one, a bank has introduced a promotion with special benefits for spouses of customers. Results are not meeting expectations though. It can be tough for an agent to remember every promotion and figure out when to offer them. Using interaction analytics and real-time guidance, newly-married callers are automatically identified and a pop-up reminds the agent to offer the deal.
There are more details about the two technologies in the paper, as well as the introduction of a related technology, real-time process automation. Find out all about it all by downloading your free copy of A Super-Agent at Every Station: Turning Analytics into Business Impact at the Moment of Truth.

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