Not Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

 It seems that every new technology or solution holding a lot of promise tends to fall prey to over-hyping. This happens because when a really good idea comes about, everyone wants to get on the bandwagon. Cloud computing is one of the latest new offerings to fall prey.

There are many potential benefits of cloud computing in the contact center. High availability, lower IT costs, instant scaling and worry-free upgrades, to name a few. With everyone climbing aboard the cloud bandwagon, it’s more important than ever for businesses to do their due diligence when researching vendors. It seems that age old saying “buyer beware” applies here.
There’s a short paper available from LiveOps that gives a good background  on what to look for when selecting a cloud vendor. They present the top five myths of cloud computing. The myths are:
Myth 1: There are maintenance periods when the system will be down.
Myth 2: Security risks are inherent.
Myth 3: Spiky contact volumes cause problems.
Myth 4: Upgrades are a headache.
Myth 5: You still need IT to support the system.
The paper gives the truths regarding these myths and questions to ask to clarify a vendor’s offering. There are also some links to additional information resources on cloud computing in it. Download Finding a True Cloud Contact Center – Top 5 Myths Dispelled to make sure whatever cloud you choose comes with a silver lining.

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