Secrets to E-learning and Coaching Success

Ovum has outlined five secrets to success that enterprises should follow when implementing e-learning and coaching solutions.

Use data and applications that already exist within the contact center

Enterprises should use the information they already collect on agents’ skills and knowledge to determine the best time to schedule course and tailor the information. There are a number of applications that can be integrated with e-learning andcoaching including PM, WFM, Quality Management (QM) and analytics.

Information from Workforce optimization technologies , particularly WFM and PM, enables enterprises to schedule relevant training courses for teams or individuals. WFM allows enterprises to predict times of peak and low call volumes so that training is scheduled to avoid periods of high call volumes. Agents may have time allocated to them to spend away from the telephone; this time can be used for classroom based learning. Enterprises can also link e-learning to the ACD, which records the number of incoming calls in real-time. With data from both the ACD and WFM, enterprises can push e-learning to the agent’s desktop at times of low call volume and sessions can be halted if call volumes unexpectedly rise and an agent is needed to answer calls. By optimizing agents’ time to include training at lowcall volumes they will get the best results from agents and the best overall efficiency in the contact center.

PM and QM are also useful tools to indicate how well agents are performing against KPIs.

Dips in performance or low scores on customer surveys reveal knowledge gaps and indicate an agent’s strengths and weaknesses. Contact centers can use the applications to trigger training automatically following low scores. Alternatively managers are alerted following low performance scores and can use reporting and analytics to discover the root cause of the problem. They can then manually assign the relevant training. Customer satisfaction surveys also provide information on agent strengths and weaknesses that can be used to determine which training courses are most relevant.   More secrets can be found in the white paper   5 Secrets to E-learning and Coaching Success


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