Helping your IVR Realize its Potential

According to Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consluting, IVR is perceived as a dependable core contact center application that runs without requiring a lot of attention. Most contact center leaders would prefer to invest in new solutions, like speech analytics, rather than in their old and dependable IVRs. The “catch” is that the right investment in IVR is likely to result in major cost savings.

DMG recommends that any organization that has not optimized their IVR application in the past three years undertake an IVR assessment to identify ways to improve their existing system. If, as we believe, IVR optimization would be highly beneficial, find a vendor that can help deliver savings on an ongoing basis. IVR optimization should not be a one-time exercise. Leading IVR users continuously strive to enhance the performance of their solutions; it’s part of their annual budget and their corporate culture. If the necessary resources are not available in-house, find a hosted/managed service IVR provider that can help enhance the operating environment with little up-front investment and risk. The world of IVR has changed dramatically in the last five years, as have many business requirements.

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