“Social Media: Guide for Building a Customer Support Strategy

Social media interactions are quite different from any other type of communication handled by a customer service or contact center. Enterprises have to evolve and adapt their servicing policies and procedures to address the needs of this new channel.

Every time a customer, prospect, partner, investor or a member of the general public elects to write about an organization, they are voluntarily investing their time to provide what could be highly valuable or even strategic feedback. In the past, many organizations have run focus groups in order to gather the same kind of information that customers are now freely sharing via social media.

From a DMG white paper "Social Media: Guide for Building a Customer Support Strategy", below is a list of important principles to guide customer service and contact centers in handling social media interactions:

At their most basic, social media are nothing more (or less) than an alternative interaction channel.

At their most complex, social media facilitate one-to-many communications in a largely uncontrolled and unmanageable environment.

Organizations do not and cannot own or control a social media conversation, but they can elect to be active listeners and influential participants.

Social media interactions empower multi-directional communications with an undefined and geographically diverse population.

Social media broadcast views rapidly on a global basis.

Social media are a cost-effective method of communicating information.

Social media can even the playing field for companies large and small.

Social media campaigns can build or destroy a brand.

Social media can impact a company’s bottom line.

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