5 strategies to growing a business in a rough economic climate

Ari Galper, author of Unlock the Game, offers 5 proven strategies to growing a business in a rough economic climate:

1. When the economy gets tough, customers get scared to spend money, especially with businesses and sales people they don’t trust. These challenging economic times require a shift in selling to customers focusing on creating trust, rather than just making the sale. Ironically, the better you are at creating trust, the more you stand out and the more sales you make.

2. You would think chasing potential customers is the key to success, but the opposite is true in the these trying economic times. Instead, if you have a sales approach that is authentic, even humble, that creates an attraction factor that brings customers to you.

3. Pressure is everywhere these days, especially in business. The irony is, the more effective your business is at diffusing pressure between you and your potential customers, the faster the sales can happen. Removing sales pressure creates instant trust.

4. Customers in these economic times want their problems solved, not just to be sold something. If businesses shift their sales mindset to focusing on their prospect’s problems, instead of what they want to sell them, they will gain customers for life.

5. In these times, it’s easy to blame the "market", "economy" or "competition". When you learn to shift your focus away from things you don’t have control of and shift your focus to how you are selling versus what you are selling, you create consistent and long term sales success.

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