The Four Customer Experience Competencies

Two–‐thirds of companies want to be industry leaders in customer experience.  While any company can improve portions of its customer experience, it takes more than some ambition and  few superficial changes to create lasting differentiation.  So what are the ingredients for long-term success?

Temkin Group has identified four competencies that companies must master in order to build and sustain customer experience differentiation
1. Purposeful Leadership:
Operate consistently with a clear set of values

2. Employee Engagement:
Align employees with the goals of the organization

3. Compelling Brand Values:
Deliver on your brand promises to customers

4. Connectedness:
Infuse customer insight across the organization. 

Companies that master all 4 competencies are what Tempkin calls Customer Centric Organizations  which it defines as an organization that continuously aligns its resources with its resources and customer needs.

Tempkin outlines these 4 steps in detail The Four Customer Experience Competencies


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