Mariann McDonaugh, inContact – thoughts on power of social media

CRMXchange sat down for an executive interview with Mariann McDonagh, Chief Marketing Officer, inContact.  We asked how  the volatile economy is affecting the users’ decision making for technology?  Mariann told us that in the case of contact center technology, the economy is actually helping drive our business for two reasons: the capex/opex advantages of cloud-based call center infrastructure compared to premises-based solutions, and the need for tools to aid customer retention as well as business growth. One of our customers, for example, tripled their business in two years after deploying inContact’s ACD, IVR and associated applications.

Also, the viral power of social media is prompting more emphasis on customer service issues and, by extension, call center technology, because the fallout of poor customer service is now reaching the board room for the first time. United Airlines breaks a musician’s $3,500 guitar, and the victim’s YouTube music video about the incident racks up 9.1 million views. With risks like that, companies are increasingly willing to invest in technologies that can help keep customers happy – regardless of consumer spending patterns or unemployment rate.  

The full interview can be read on CRMXchange.

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