Secrets to Success – Coaching and elearning

Ovum has outlined five secrets to success that enterprises should follow when implementing e-learning and coaching solutions. 

Number 1 – Training must be timely
In order to get the greatest benefit from e-learning and coaching, contact centers should send out courses and information as soon as it is available. Agents need to undertake training courses as soon as skills gaps become apparent or prior to new products releases. Enterprises should regularly monitor agents’ performance in order to provide training at a time when it will be most effective and address issues sooner rather than later. Waiting until the end of the month or quarter may be too late as products and the type of customer queries are likely to change. Enterprises should distribute training once a problem or pressing topic is fresh in an agent’s mind. This will help managers to improve agent’s responsiveness to customer queries and drive up customer satisfaction ratings since customers want knowledgeable agents that can assist them quickly.

E-learning helps enterprises push information to agents quickly. Managers can send notes and information updates directly to the agent and follow up with quizzes or surveys to ensure information has been understood. E-learning is particularly suitable for sending simple information, updates about new products or changes in services.

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