Social Media Engagement Study

Despite the popular predictions about endless growth in social media, consumers have a different opinion. According to a new social media engagement study from Strativity,
70% of consumers already see time constraints as an obstacle to further adoption of social

The time concern is closely followed by concerns about privacy (59% of consumers) as well as over commercialization of social media in the form of junk and advertising (58% of consumers). It seems that, in a short period of time, social media has acquired a reputation by a large portion of consumers that it is being hijacked by businesses. The authenticity and personalization promised through this channel has been contaminated and there is a risk that social media will lose its relevance and original promise faster than expected if these trends continue.

Combining the time challenge with the irrelevance due to heavy commercialization should serve as a clear message to vendors who get involved in social media. They need to play by the consumers’ rules. The race to capture the attention of time starved consumers will prove to be more difficult than expected.

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