Why Do You Need The Voice Of the Customer

Accurate, timely feedback—whether from customers, employees, or partners—relies on talking to your audience in the right way.  Your contact center is the front line of your business. Positive experiences drive increased advocacy, reduced customer churn and improved agent engagement.

Customer satisfaction in your contact center is not an end in itself. Your customer experience program must deliver tangible benefits and real value that go beyond the contact center and enable you build a more efficient and productive organization.

If your business goals are reduce churn, acquire new customers, or grow the business of your existing customers a voice of the customer feedback management program will help you achieve these goals.  For example:

-A retailer turned its customer satisfaction measurement into a referral program that generated $700,000 in its first year.
– A leading online bank was able to uncover what drives customer satisfaction – reducing costs, increasing first call resolution and improving customer loyalty.
– An air miles program used feedback to identity cross-sell opportunities and turned a market research activity into a profit center.

Combining feedback with other customer data will help you to understand how you can track, manage and improve customer experiences across multiple channels.

On September 30th, Gary Schwartz, SVP Marketing, Confirmit with a featured presentation by Megan Burns, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc. will present Three Reasons why you need a voice of the Customer Program.


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