Strativity Group – 2010 Customer Experience Study

Strativity Group announces has released the 2010 Consumer Experience Study.  The study unveils that consumers pay careful attention to the customer experience they receive and reward vendors accordingly.

According to Strativity President, Lior Arussy, “Consumers clearly stated that despite the economic environment, superior customer experiences deliver superior financial results. Consumers reward companies do not skim them using the economic crisis as an excuse.  Companies that are struggling to attract and retain customers, should focus on examining their customer experience.“

Key Findings:
Financial Rewards of Superior Customer Experience
•73% of consumers stated that they would expand their purchases with a vendor by 10% or more if the customer experience was superior
•55% of consumers agreed that they would stay with a vendor for 10 years or more as long as the experience was superior
•58% said they would recommend companies that deliver superior customer experiences to others.
•44% of consumers would be willing to pay a premium price of  5% or more for a superior customer experience

Drivers of Superior Customer Experience
• Customer Experience Attributes
oProduct and services deliver great value
oAll interactions are easy
oFair and easy payment process
oVisit to retail stores are enjoyable

• Customer Experience Attitudes
oEmployees do their jobs with pride
oEmployees use common sense and discretion in their work
oEmployees are knowledgeable and empowered
oEmployees deliver service with passion

Study Overview
•930 consumers from North America
•Study was a web-based questionnaire following the customer strategy phases.
•The survey was conducted from May 1, 2009 through June 30, 2009.
•The study was conducted in partnership with Customer Service Experts, Inc., a leading customer experience firm.

You can download the complete 2010 Customer Experience Study on CRMXchange.

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