Analytics: Is It About to Change Quality Monitoring Practices?

Joe McFadden,, Enkata

Ventana Research recently reported that 70 percent of companies have deployed quality monitoring.  In the majority of cases this is a manual process.   And that 73 percent of companies plan to improve this process over the next two years.  The report states that “ultimately, adopting contact center analytics will enable companies to automate the entire quality monitoring process, giving them the information they need to improve agent development and performance, and eliminate operational problems that are negatively impacting the customer experience – the two keys to improving customer satisfaction and retention.”

SOURCE: Ventana Research, Agent Performance Management (2009)

As various call center analytics solutions (performance, speech, desktop, and text analytics) find application in the quality monitoring process, it’s become clear that there is no one solution that fits all of the requirements.    Some are suited to compliance requirements, versus others, performance improvement.     A combination of solutions is proving to be the model with the first step and primary goal to consolidate customer transaction data that drives quality improvement at both the agent and operational levels.  

Companies that have deployed these different forms of analytics find it changes the game in several ways:
• The quality monitoring process is more rigorous and automated.
• Analytics eliminate the subjectivity of the typical manual quality monitoring process.
• Analytics produce comparative results over time. This then can both drive and monitor a continuous improvement process.
• By integrating data from multiple sources, companies can begin to produce more useful business-related key performance metrics.  
• The contact center quality monitoring process can identify activities in other business units that are generating high volumes of what could be avoidable calls into the contact center.

Webinar:   The Quality Revolution Being Led by Performance Analytics
Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 10:00 AM Pacific

Ventana White Paper:   Analytics is Transforming Quality Assessment and Monitoring – a report from Ventana Research.


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