Using Multi-Channel Customer Interactions to Get Ahead

Getting ahead of your customers’ expectations, and even reactions to doing business with your organization, can present great challenges. Coupled with the breadth of multichannel service and communications media, it begs the question: “How well are you equipped to anticipate, analyze, and act on customers’ requirements and their experiences with your organization?”

Customer Interaction Analytics are solutions that include speech, data and text analytics, along with customer survey feedback.  Arming your business with an “early internal warning system” can advance your organization from a reactive to proactive, customer-centric approach to sales, service, and deeper customer relationships.

Customer Interaction Analytics can help your business in a number of ways:

•Gain a better understanding of customers’ wants, needs, expectations, and your ability to deliver.
•Develop an early warning system that mines customer interactions and feedback to surface emerging trends, and areas of opportunity and improvement.
•Anticipate sources of customer frustration in order to take proactive, corrective action.
•Improve business insight and decision making by combining intelligence from multiple sales/service channels—including phone, email, chat, web self-service, and social media—for a more complete view of your customers.

On September 23rd, Verint will be hosting a webcast on this topic.

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