Even the Best Laid Plans…

Without the proper training it doesn’t matter how effective resource planning is in your contact center. If your agents lack needed knowledge when interacting with customers, satisfaction will suffer. A well trained workforce also provides another benefit to the business. Agents are likely to be more satisfied with their job, leading to lower turnover rates.
Training isn’t free and has its own associated costs though. Agents in aren’t available to service your customers. You also need to hire trainers, dedicate space for classrooms and possibly pay for travel expenses. E-learning is an excellent way to minimize the overall costs of training, while still reaping the benefits. This is especially true when coordinated with WFM systems to offer training during lulls in activity. If your organization makes use of at-home agents, e-learning is a must-have.
A new white paper by Ovum explores the benefits of e-learning and coaching in the contact center and provides best-practice recommendations for implementation. According to the paper, key goals that contact centers can achieve with e-learning and coaching include: increased customer satisfaction, reduced agent churn, increased efficiency, higher rates of first contact resolution (FCR), increased rates of up-sell and cross-sell and reduced contact center costs. Several of these benefits are exhibited the paper’s case study on 1-800-FLOWERS.COM.
The author details five secrets to success for contact centers to follow when implementing e-learning and coaching solutions. They are:
  1. Training must be timely
  2. Use data and applications that already exist in the contact center
  3. Create personalized training for agents
  4. Create a balance of online and face-to-face training
  5. Align training with business goals
If you are looking at deploying e-learning in your operation, or just want to assess your current approach, the complete white paper is offered for free by VPI. A full explanation of the five secrets and more is available by downloading Five Secrets to Contact Center E-learning and Coaching Success.

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