Leveraging Speech Analytics Inside – And Outside — Contact Center Operations

Every call coming into a contact center contains critical information. By using speech analytics to unlock the business intelligence from these customer interactions, companies can make improvements in their organization. Beyond just enhancing the contact center, speech analytics has far-reaching benefits to other areas of the company, such as sales and marketing departments. All of which improve customer satisfaction, save costs and drive revenue.

Vonage, the largest provider of Internet phone service, relies on its contact center operations as a key element in its strategy to maintain and grow its customer base.  Comprised of multiple sites on several continents, its contact center records more than 8,000 of hours of transactions per day, from more than 3,500 agents. Vonage’s key challenge was to efficiently aggregate and use this information to help drive quality and improve their overall contact center operations, and to better understand what its customers and prospects were saying.  They believed that speech analytics could help them transform this data into meaningful business intelligence.

Vonage experienced improvements in several areas including agent training, quality monitoring, sales effectiveness and new product promotions:

• Better agent training and coaching, contributing to a reduction in average handle time and significant savings
• Streamlining the quality monitoring call selection process that has lowered total costs in this area by 20%
• Improving call routing and reduction of misdirected calls to the Sales department for reduced costs
• Generating marketing intelligence, allowing them to manage campaigns in real-time and adjust training to ensure success

In a live September 16th event, Mike Trotter Vice President of Customer Experience, Vonage, will describe how Vonage has leveraged speech analytics to improve overall contact center operations and deliver marketing intelligence.

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