Ditch Your Chair to Get Healthier

Sit to Stand WorkstationBeing a call center furniture manufacturer, we have noticed many recent articles that explain the negative impacts that sitting all day has on the body. This impacts everyone that spends most of their day at a computer, including most people in the call center industry, and especially agents.

The industry as a whole has a huge investment in the people manning their centers, so we wanted to point out a few articles that look into the negative impact of spending the entire day sitting, and demonstrate an affordable solution.

A recent article by Patrick Barnard from TMCNET.com notes that new research shows what many people in the call center industry have known for years: That sitting in an office chair for nine hours a day, five days a week, is bad for your health. Read the article titled ‘New Research Shows its Bad to Sit All Day’.

Another recent article in the New York Times refers to research finding that those who stood all day doing — nothing other than standing — burned hundreds of calories more than a group of individuals sitting all day. For both men and women in this study, standing burned multiple calories, but did not ignite hunger. The research found that if you want to lose weight, you don’t necessarily have to go for a long run: “Just get rid of your chair.” Read the article titled ‘Weighing the Evidence on Exercise’.

The article in the New York Times notes that people simply need to ‘get rid of their chair’ to get healthier.  An easy and functional way to mesh a traditional call center workstation and a station that allows people to stand is a Sit-to-Stand workstation.

In the past, providing an adjustable height workstation meant having the entire workstation move up and down with either a crank or push button power mechanism. Now however, the easiest way to create workstations that transition from standing to sitting is to use a keyboard tray and monitor arm with enough adjustment to be used while in a sitting or standing position. This set-up, such as the one shown in the video below, accommodates 95% of the population in both a sitting and standing position.

Watch a YouTube demo of the workstation titled Interior Concepts: Sit-to-Stand Ergonomics.  This workstation is a functional and affordable option to provide your team with a healthier call center workstation. For more information about this solution read the free white paper: Call Center Ergonomics – Sit-to-Stand Workstations.


Sit to Stand Workstation Video

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  1. i think the most important thing is that furniture at the workplace must be comfortable. it definitely have great impact on both physical as well as mental ability..


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