Seeing Through the Cloud

Cloud computing is a hot topic in the IT world, and as with many hot topics there’s a great deal of marketing hype associated with it. Hype frequently keeps close company with its friends misunderstanding, unrealistic expectation, uncertainty and very often disillusionment. That’s not to say there aren’t real, and significant, benefits to an IT organization by embracing cloud computing concepts.

The key to success, as with many potentially over-hyped technologies, is being able to separate the wheat from the chafe and select a vendor capable of delivering on and living up to their promises. A new white paper from RightNow helps you do this by listing ten important questions to make sure you ask during the selection process.

The questions are based on best practices gathered from industry analysis and direct experience with thousands of cloud deployments. They come from conversations with CIOs, program and project managers, directors of IT, engineers, developers, administrators and every other IT role you can imagine in every industry, and with every size company. Along with each question, the paper provides insight into the rationale for asking it and what to look for in the response. The ten questions are:

1. Can You Demonstrate Real-world Successful Deployment Similar to Mine?
2. Do You Have a “Try-before-you-buy” Program?
3. Do You Offer Contractual Flexibility and Price Protection?
4. Do You Have Service Level Agreements (SLA) and a Strong History of Service Level Performance?
5. Do You Provide Operational Transparency?
6. Do You Offer Multi-tenacity?
7. Do You Have a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan?
8. Do You Meet Critical Security & Compliance Requirements?
9. Can I Simply Configure the Solution to Meet My Needs?
10. Do You Offer Robust Integration?

If you’re considering investing in cloud computing or software as a service (SaaS) it might be worth downloading a copy of Ten Things to Ask Your SaaS Vendor Before Entering the Cloud to complement our standard vendor selection process.

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