CRM Evolution and Speechtek 2010

The joint Speechtek/CRM Evolution conference offered attendees ideas, strategies, and technologies to help streamline business processes, improve customer satisfaction levels, and increase profitability.  Below is a review of just a few of the organizations we met with at the conference.

West Interactive has been very busy this year with the acquisition of Holly Connects, a voice platform, and TuVox, an IVR hosting and managed services company.  The acquisitions round out West’s ability to let their clients manage customer demands from anywhere, from any device, at any time.  They have three deployment options; a fully managed solution, software licensing, or hosted platform, provide a solution to meet any demand.

Clickfox demonstrated their new executive dashboard, Clickfox Pulse, which give easy access to key customer experience metrics and insights enabling executives to quickly and easily see the pulse of the customer.  The information is generated by leveraging data from all customer interaction channels.  

Nexidia, the winner of SpeechTek’s market leader award, released Nexidia AudioFinder 3.0, a stand-alone application that provides full-featured index, classification and search of audio-video content.  Among the enhanced features in this release are significant improvements in the application’s scalability and new techniques that deliver greater accuracy when searching even the most challenging content. Nexidia offers analysis and reporting tools that let companies drill into and understand root cause of call traffic, manage first call resolution, and improve performance management to optimize contact center expenses. Within the last 12 months, the company has announced several major product enhancements

While at the conference, Roman Trebon, Business Review Manager, Speech Analytics, Elavon discussed how he was able to retain 600 at-risk accounts—about $1.7 million in revenue— in the first three months alone by leveraging Verint’s speech analytics as a strategic asset in its customer service operations. The system allowed them to gain greater insight into a variety of customer and process issues. Verint® Impact 360® Speech Analytics automatically mines thousands of customer interaction recordings to surface the unbiased intelligence essential to effective business strategies and a superior customer experience. Impact 360 Speech Analytics can help organizations pinpoint market perceptions, trends, and opportunities, the factors driving high costs and unproductive call volumes, and the strengths and weaknesses of their people, products, and processes.

Portrait Software provides, PCA, a powerful, easy-to-use, predictive analytics solution that allows companies to uncover important data relationships and deliver propensity scores at the push of a button, driving down the cost of analysis while increasing modeling throughput.  By using predictive modeling tools and approaches, such as real-time scoring, customer data visualization and interaction optimization, companies will be able to achieve significant improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty, and positively impact revenue and profits. Portrait Software was acquired in July 2010 by Pitney Bowes.  This relationship builds on the capabilities of Pitney Bowes Insight for helping companies enhance their customer relationships more effectively.

NICE  discussed their Sales Effectiveness Business Solution which is based on the combined capabilities of NICE SmartCenter’s cross-channel Interaction Analytics and real-time next-best-action agent guidance and sales process automation from recently acquired eglue. The new business solution helps organizations optimize Customer Dynamics, maximizing the sales potential of their contact centers by significantly improving sales effectiveness, enabling real-time delivery of personalized sales offers and optimized handling of customer objections, resulting in higher service-to-sales conversion rates.

Nuance helps organizations uncover the intelligence in their care operations and turn that information to their advantage. Nuance Care Analytics solutions help organizations measure complex contact center data from numerous sources, synthesize it into rich and actionable insights, and optimize their operational and business metrics. The foundation of Nuance Care Analytics solutions is the Nuance Analytics Hub, a unique aggregation of analytics tools and services enriched by insight from the Nuance Deployment Databank and Nuance Care Analytics.  The Hub  provides customers with data-driven recommendations to improve their primary business problems including self service automation, caller experience, revenue generation and misdirected calls.

If you are tired of waiting for the cable repair man you may want to insist that your vendor use TOA Software.    TOA provides a state-of-the-art mobile workforce management solution that runs 99.995% of the time, requires no installation or maintenance, and  is completely configurable. Their predictive technology measures how long it takes to perform tasks, accumulating information about what is happening in the field, and using this information to provide better planning and management of the workday. A time-based approach ultimately leads to a better customer experience.

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