10 Secrets to Boosting First Call Resolution

One of the major points of contention surrounding FCR is what the acronym stands for: is it first contact resolution or first call resolution? Some would say that first contact resolution is the proper metric, and while tracking all contacts is most reflective of the true customer experience, it is often expensive and sometimes impossible to develop meaningful metrics that encompass all touch points.

Implementing sound practices coupled with an appropriate technology solution makes it possible to measure, understand, evaluate and improve this essential performance metric.

In a new white paper from CallCopy, 10 Secrets to Boosting First Call Resolution, they suggest that management can drive down the frequency of repeat calls through process and technology solutions.  Following is a summary of actions that can help increase FCR rates:
• Agree on a data collection method
• Establish reasonable goals
• Reward achievement
• Include FCR as an evaluation metric
• Train agents on call control techniques
• Provide advance information on new products, services, prices, policies, etc.
• Revisit policies that are a major source of repeat calls
• Empower agents to make small concessions
• Provide quick and easy access to knowledge base
• Compile a list of SMEs
• Solicit feedback from agents on ways to improve

To hear more about this subject, CallCopy is hosting a webcast 10 Secrets to Boosting First Call Resolution: Best practices for Improving Satisfaction and Reducing Costs on July 29th. All attendees will receive a complimentary version of their eBook, "10 Secrets to Boosting First Call Resolution."

One comment

  1. There is always a big debate on first call resolution (FCR) measurement? Primas is offering a free report that allows you to easily collect your own contact center data utilizing free software and an overlay technology. The free report will graphically show you your center’s FCR rate from the data you supply and also benchmark your FCR percent compared to other contact centers. To learn more visit http://www.primas.net/fcr or call Primas at 888-477-4627.


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