Don’t Shortchange Yourself – Get the Full Value of Your Virtual Contact Center

I don’t know how many times I have heard contact center professionals extol the virtues of using remote (at-home) agents to extend their agent resources beyond the infrastructure of their organizations.   But apparently, (in my brief survey), many companies with centers in multiple locations have not taken the benefits of virtual contact centers to the next level.

Combining these resources into one big agent pool allows an organization to balance the demand fluctuation across locations, therefore, improving customer service and sales opportunities by quickly assigning calls to the right experts – regardless of where they are located. 
Operating contact centers in multiple locations as independent entities only adds to the already challenging web of complexity of managing multiple customer touch point channels such as the web, email, text messaging, and social media,  Fortunately, the advent of IP communications solutions can help multi channel, multi site organizations significantly by effectively implementing unified queuing to expedite the routing of all contacts, no matter what their format, to achieve a smooth, seamless customer experience.  
On Thursday, July 15th, Stephen Bahr, Director of Field Enablement, SAP Business Communications Management , will present a webcast called “Virtual Contact Agents – A lot More Than Just At-Home Agents”.  Stephen will address the how’s of optimizing your contact center resources by balancing demand fluctuations across multi contact center sites, cite examples of customers who have effectively adopted such a model, and how to get started.    

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