CSAT, Net Promoter, and Home Agent Models

Recently, a case study by Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM), an applied Business Intelligence services firm, was published that provided performance data for a firm that took top agents and sent them home. FurstPerson’s newest whitepaper on the subject reviews two common home agent models and discusses the case study and its implications to home agent models.

We find that sending successfull on-premise agents into an at-home setting without evaluating their readiness for such an environment is like promoting the best agents to supervisory positions without evaluating their leadership potential.  Certainly on-premise agents can be successful in the at-home space, but if you don’t evaluate their potential for success specifically in that environment, you might be setting them up for failure by sending them home.

Based on CRM’s data and the case studies, the whitepaper also identifies several keys to home agent hiring success.  Click here to read this free whitepaper in its entirety.

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