Keep Employees Informed Through Strategic Call Center Furnishing

Call Centers are fast paced environments and though they have a highly structured operating environment, constant change is the norm.  It is important to keep agents up to date and aware of these changes. This can be achieved using strategic furnishings to increase communication throughout the call center.

Bullpen Cubicle Panels
Workstations are available in a variety of panel materials. Tackable panels, for example, allow items to be tacked onto the workstation panel multiple times and in multiple places. This is important because documents can be posted on either the inside or outside of panels on a workstation and frequently, agents may need to place important documents such as scripts and other notes in viewing distance. Also, marker board panels are a popular option for the outside of supervisor workstations since notes and goals for the day can quickly be jotted down and updated daily. Both of these panel options provide an easy and cost effective way to quickly update information as needed.

TV Monitors
TV Monitors are placed throughout many call centers to promote goals, contests, as well keep employees informed about company bulletins and news. In addition, monitors can be used to broadcast meetings so that all employees get the same message at the same time, without the need to move everyone into one space at a time. In addition to providing constant updates, the inclusion of monitors in a center keeps it looking up to date.

Huddle rooms
Typically, call center floors are open spaces with little to no privacy for discussions between agents and supervisors. For this reason, small rooms, often called Huddle Rooms, have increased in popularity. A Huddle Rooms contain tables and chairs, and help to facilitate further communication since the supervisor can take the agent to discuss performance in a private setting.

The addition of the solutions and strategic furnishings in the call center can help to keep operations running smoothly and separate a center from the competition.

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