How’s your IVR doing?

Do you know if your interactive voice response (IVR) system is successfully handling customer interactions and providing your company the expected return on investment? Businesses need quantifiable information in order to effectively focus their IVR efforts; however, there is no commonly accepted standard for measuring IVR performance.

That’s not to say there’s a shortage of popular IVR metrics – there are plenty of them in fact. Many of them focus on indirect measurements like containment and speech recognition rates though. These types of metrics often fall short in assessing how well the IVR as a whole meets customer requirements.

The latest white paper in a three-part series from Tellme on IVR performance proposes using task completion rate (TCR) as a way to monitor and measure the success of user interactions with IVR applications. TCR points out problem areas and opportunities for improvement, and it also shows how well IVR systems support business objectives.

According to the paper a task encompasses a customer interaction, from identification of the customer’s intent to a final outcome. A task is further broken down into subtasks, commonly repeated functions like login, authentication, menu selection and yes/no confirmation. By monitoring task and subtask completion rates a business is able to see where problems occur in an IVR call flow, and take appropriate steps to remedy them.

Tellme provides a step-by-step approach for applying and measuring TCR metrics and explains how to use this to systematically improve IVR performance and customer satisfaction.

1. Understand frequently occurring customer goals – The key to good IVR design is understanding what goals the customers want to accomplish and make sure the application fulfills them

2. Define tasks and subtasks handled by the IVR – Once customer goals are defined they then need to be mapped to specific IVR tasks and subtasks.

3. Consider additional sources of interaction – The customer experience is not necessarily limited to the IVR. Understanding how other contact channels fit into the mix provides keener insight into what’s really affecting IVR performance.

Get the details in the full white paper, Measuring IVR Performance, and learn how to apply this unique and powerful methodology in your organization.

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