Don’t Forget About Maintaining Superior Voice Quality

How many calls do you deal daily that have with poor voice quality?   Too low, not clear enough, too much interference – these are some of the typical distractions that we encounter.   Our contact centers focus on providing a highly satisfactory customer experience by training their agents and adding technology to make the customer experience more satisfying across multiple contact points.   Multi channel contact centers give users customers the ability to choose their preferred method of communications by integrating agent systems with multiple enterprise applications with data, presence and other enterprise applications.  One thing is certain, the multi channel, unified communications environment is becoming more complex.  It is an evolving mix of voice, video, social media, cont act and data applications – all of which can come from different vendors.  The challenge is to ensure the quality of each and every user experience.   Poor voice quality in the contact center can result in lost sales, and customer churn, but how many centers monitor and evaluate the voice quality of their interactions?   Voice is still main communication point between your customers and your company; therefore, it is imperative that contact centers have procedures in place to insure high quality voice contacts.

Since many factors can contribute to poor voice quality in new technologies such as IP telephony, finding the cause of the issues can be difficult.   A webcast called “Voice Quality in New Technology Networks: Assuring a Positive Customer Experience” will be held on June 29th and will explore how to achieve a better understanding of how to deploy new telephony networks with confidence, provide essential best practices in managing the customer communications experience, and address voice quality problem resolutions.  It will be presented by Walter Kenrich, Director of Product Management, Empirix Enterprise Solutions.     

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