The Challange of Creating a Customer Intimate Contact Center in a Multi Channel Environment

One of the great challenges for today’s contact centers is achieving customer intimacy in a cross channel environment.   Enterprises are striving for greater customer intimacy through personalized service, and customer based sales and proactive outreach.  What is a customer intimate contact center?  Some the characteristics include empowered and engaged employees, comprehensive and shared knowledge (data) of the customer, close communication and collaboration with other parts of the business, clear brand identity, and balancing measures of customer intimacy with operational metrics.

Speech self service and other self service technologies can be used to combine high tech and high touch customer service.    The issues that contact centers need to address in creating an intimate environment are the how to’s of combining automation with live interactions to enhance the customer experience, creating personalized experiences through data mining and flexible speech interfaces, and leveraging the power of  speech self service to achieve higher levels of customer intimacy and loyalty.  In addition, measuring the success in building customer intimacy is a major challenge for customer care management.  

In a webcast on June 24th called “Building a Great Customer Experience: How to Foster Intimacy and Create Value Using Self Service” Elaine Cascio, Vice President. Vanguard Communications, will discuss the details of creating a customer intimate contact center.

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