My name is Brian… and I’m a technology geek.

I love technology… all of it. Part of that probably comes from my early years as an electrical engineer and programmer. That placed me square on the forefront of the digital revolution and I've stayed there ever since. I'm in awe of the transformative power technology holds. Our lives, society and business have been radically changed, and that change continues everyday.

We often see technology as the driving factor of this transformation, but that's not quite right. It's the 'application' of technology that creates transformation. On its own, technology is little more than an intriguing concept. Only when it is used  to solve a problem or fulfill a need does change really happen.

For the last 15 years or so of my career that's what I've done, figuring out how to apply technology to create change and passing that knowledge on to other people. As a blogger for CRMXchange my goal is to help you understand what call center and CRM technology offers and provide insights into how to successfully deploy it within your business.


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